Various Artists - For The Colleagues Of Ubu & Their Authorities

Various Artists

For The Colleagues Of Ubu & Their Authorities

Release date: 11/02/19
genre: House
Format: LP
1. Dim Grimm -Drivel To Balsam
2. Zimpel / Ziolek - Wrens
3. Tujiko Noriko - Tennisplayer Makes A Smile
4. Gerhard Zander - Wabi Sabi 35
5. A.p.a.t.t - Young Free & Parasite
6. Ssellf - Visitors
7. The Reboot Joy Confession - Enjoy Solitude
8. Merz Feat. Sartorius Drum Ensemble - The Hunting Owl (Julian Sartorius Drum & Vocal Rendition
9. Helen Money - Mf
10. Oceaneer - The Sea
Various Artists - For The Colleagues Of Ubu & Their Authorities


“For The Colleagues Of Ubu & Their Authorities” is the brainchild of Vienna based vinyl enthusiast, DJ & producer The Reboot Joy Confession. What once started as a series of mixes has been expanded into this compilation, on which he brings together diverse genres of music like electronica, modern minimalism, folk, post-rock, avant-garde or modular music, which also reflect his own versatile musical taste. “As I stopped thinking in genres, my attempt was to merge my musical taste in the most fluent way possible onto one record. There are mesmerizing songs from some of my favourite contemporary artists – I feel a timelessness in their music, I can ´t get tired of. With the compilation I wanted to create a contemplative, fictitious, surreal world, merging those different styles together. Giving it that title, I wanted the listener to be able to imagine a tale that is building up with each song. I am really happy about the outcome of this compilation and hope that many other listeners can feel the magic.” The compilation includes the surreal work of Swiss producer Dim Grimm (also known as Dimlite), as well as a collaboration between Merz & Julian Sartorius Drum Ensemble who radically altered the original version of “The Hunting Owl” into a monstrous percussive live version. Taken off the debut album from one of Poland ´s most interesting musicians at the moment, Waclaw Zimpel & Kuba Ziolek, “Wrens” is a fusion of folk, jazz and modern minimal music. Experimental pop musician & filmmaker Tujiko Noriko appears with an emotional piece that challenges the paths between pop and avant-garde. Gerhard Zander, whose musical work started on the outskirts of experimental pop music in the early seventies in Germany, delivers a modular synth masterpiece with unique sounds, textures and a far-out synth choir. Rock and ambient influenced musician Helen Money (also known as Alison Chesley) is a Los Angeles based cellist and composer who appears with a massively dark post-rock song call

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