The Heavy - The Glorious Dead (LP+MP3)
The Heavy - The Glorious Dead (LP+MP3) (Back)

The Heavy

The Glorious Dead (LP+MP3)

Counter Records
Release date: 31/08/12
genre: Rock
Format: LP
1. Can't Play Dead
2. Curse Me Good
3. What Makes A Good Man?
4. The Big Bad Wolf
5. Be Mine
6. Same Ol'
7. Just My Luck
8. The Lonesome Road
9. Don't Say Nothing
10. Blood Dirt Love Stop
11. Can't Play Dead (Inst)
12. Curse Me Good (Inst)
13. What Makes A Good Man? (Inst)
14. The Big Bad Wolf (Inst)
15. Be Mine (Inst)
16. Same Ol' (Inst)
17. Just My Luck (Inst)
18. The Lonesome Road (Inst)
19. Don't Say Nothing (Inst)
20. Blood Dirt Love Stop (Inst)
21. Untitled
The Heavy - The Glorious Dead (LP+MP3)

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