Let's Play House Records
Release date: 03/07/18
genre: Deep House
Format: Maxi / EP


In 2015, something magical happened. We met a couple of talented young Swedes named Artur Bra¨ndstro¨m and Egil Kahlbom who excelled at composing and producing these lighthearted, breezy disco-hued house tracks (or house- hued disco tracks, perhaps) that both fit the aesthetic and character of LPH and brought something new into the fold. The result of that first encounter was Marathons, a full-length album, their debut to the world, and now, two years later, we're back for the much-anticipated follow-up.
Rehearsal is a little briefer than its predecessor—it's five tracks—and has a markedly different tone, one that's less about dusty, sun-bleached samples and more about tightly-engineered and delicately-crafted songs. If the first effort was marked by its carefree naivete´, the sophomore effort is, well, something a bit more advanced or, perhaps, rehearsed.

What hasn't changed, though, is these guys' ability to home in on grooves and coax something trasncednetally hooky, memorable out of them. The five tracks contained here are low-key in attitude but powerful and punchy in approach. They're uniquely juicy, nourishing numbers for mellow hours and fearlessly fun ditties for party hours.Lots of love went into the lot of them, and we hope all's you feel when you let them wash over you is that. Love.

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