Midori Takada & Lafawndah - Le Renard Bleu

Midori Takada & Lafawndah

Le Renard Bleu

!K7 Records
Release date: 27/08/18
genre: World Music
Format: LP
1. Le Renard Bleu
Midori Takada & Lafawndah - Le Renard Bleu


It is said that every generation casts its mind back to a previous era in times of crisis; the resources that will allow us to decode the questions of our moment may lie in the myths of another era.

Le Renard Bleu, the new musical and cinematic collaboration between Lafawndah and composer Midori Takada, and filmmakers Partel Oliva, takes a cross- generational echo as ground zero for recovering a crucial myth for uncertain times: the blue fox.

As transmitted by Takada, the fox appears in both ancient Senegalese and Japanese folktales as the trickster archetype; belonging both to the heavens and to the earth, the fox is the agent of chaotic good, shaking the world up when its energy has become stagnant. Above all else, the fox is famous for its cunning nature.

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