Prayer - Vital EP
Prayer - Vital EP (Back)


Vital EP

black acre
Release date: 03/08/18
genre: Drum & Bass
Format: Maxi / EP
1. Fear
2. I'm Still Here
3. Kind
4. Vital
Prayer - Vital EP


Prayer returns to Black Acre with the 'Vital' EP, a heavy four tracker which blurs the lines between sorrowful sounds and high voltage club energy - limited to 200 hand stamped vinyl.
"A four track EP that delves further into his defiantly outsider sound. Living somewhere near the intersection of classical, jungle and ambient" - The Ransom Note
"This atmospheric modern jungle track has a bit of Burial's sad-but-sweet emotional tinge to it" - Resident Advisor

PRAYER blurs the lines between sorrowful sounds and high-voltage club energy in VITAL; a piece of art that refuses to be boxed off by genre or stereotype.

Opener FEAR explores the producers love of film music; a dark sci-fi landscape punctuated with drums and melodic synths, a Bladerunner-esque track. Moving on, A2 'I'M STILL HERE' is an anthem, a nostalgic mix of hardcore, jungle and classical influences with a DIY, rough and ready feel.

On the other side, PRAYER shows his talent for the piano with B1 - KIND, finessing the skills that reflect his first adventures in sound. It's an emotive, stripped back number. The final track is B2 - VITAL, another drum-heavy, weighty track that sounds only like PRAYER - as ideal for the club as it is for headphones.

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