Axis Of Despair - Contempt For Man

Axis Of Despair

Contempt For Man

Southern Lord
Release date: 07/27/2018
genre: Pop
Format: LP
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1. Värdelös
2. Demons And Angels
3. Pawn Sacrifice
4. The Wolven Law
5. Lockdown
6. The Punishment Begins
7. The Noose Tightens
8. Det Går Aldrig
9. Crush The Empire
10. Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike
11. A Life Of Ceaseless Grind
12. Streams Of Sludge
13. Into The Hard Earth
14. The Pain Maze
15. Vile Behaviour
16. Defeat
17. Dull Dead Future
18. To Smite
19. A Brutal Truth
20. Flytande Död
Axis Of Despair - Contempt For Man


The band formed in late 2013 by former Coldworker members Joel Fornbrant (vocals), Oskar Pålsson (bass) and Anders Jakobson (drums). The line-up was completed by guitarist Kristofer Jankarls (also in Livet som insats) a few months later and the quartet focused on songwriting. The first recording took place in the spring of 2015 and the 12 tracks were released on the two 7' EP's Time and again and Mankind crawls.Following the releases of the EP's and a few live shows Axis of Despair continued to work on material with the ultimate goal to create a striking grindcore album with an aggressive, yet diverse selection of strong songs. The writing process was spread out over a year until the band went into the studio and begun the recordings in the summer of 2017.Contempt for Man propels with twenty super-charged raging songs, clocking in around the half an hour mark - short enough to retain attention, and long enough to serve a good taste of the bands particular brand of European grindcore.

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