Various Artists - Rogue Style 2 EP
Various Artists - Rogue Style 2 EP (Back)

Various Artists

Rogue Style 2 EP

Release date: 16/03/18
genre: Downbeat
Format: Maxi / EP
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1. Uprock
2. Call Out
3. Machinedrummachine
4. Tesselation
Various Artists - Rogue Style 2 EP


For Rogue Style 2 EP we continue the mission for a global b-boy homage with artists from England (Digital), USA (6Blocc, Calculon, Shamanga), Finland (Fanu) and Iceland (Agzilla).

Digital: "Myself and my older brother have been into hip hop and b-boy culture from an early age. It showed me music wasn't just something you danced to, it demonstrated togetherness, passion and the amazing life you can have through music."

6Blocc: "I was lucky enough to be born in 1970, so around 1982 when the NYC club / DJ / MC movement made its way to Los Angeles I started my DJ career playing hip hop, electro funk and DJ battles. In the late 90's I produced hard jungle vinyl releases under the name B-Boy 3000 because to me jungle music was hip hop fast forwarded 1000 years ahead in a time when lyrics no longer exist and all is just sample sounds modified by computers."

Calculon: "As a teenager in San Diego I was exposed to underground hip hop Kool Keith and DJ Shadow, and it was scratching that inspired me to save up and get my first set of turntables. Going out to local 'cypher' events in the late 90s/early 2000s was inspiring as it was clear there was a community of DJs and MCs and dancers and artists that lived and breathed this music."

Shamanga: "B-boying has been a huge part of my life since I was nine years old. I began DJ'ing in 1988. One particular crew, 7A3 inspired me to take my abilities to a new level. I purchased an HR-16 drum machine and bought a bass guitar. A few years later, a couple of the gangsters in my neighborhood wanted to become rappers, so they bought an Ensoniq EPS16+. Once they realized they didn't want to learn how to program the machine, they gave it to me, with one stipulation: I was to produce beats for them to rap over. This was 1991. I have not stopped since."

Fanu: "No-one can deny that drum machines did play a big part in creation of hip hop. In my tune for Defrostatica, I wanted to employ my Machinedrum for the job. Those who k

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