Lutto Lento - Dark Secret World

Lutto Lento

Dark Secret World

Where To Now? Records
Release date: 05/24/2017
genre: Tech-House
Format: LP
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Lutto Lento - Dark Secret World


Where To Now cordially invite you into Lutto Lento's 'Dark Secret World'. After a string of releases on labels such as FTD, Proto Sites, DUNNO Recordings and ourselves, we now find Polish artist Lubomir Grzelak ready to present a fully realised, full-length distillation of his distinctly exuberant and unique electronic narratives.'Dark Secret World' takes it's cues from a ridiculously diverse palette of influences... from Dancehall, Jungle, and American Sacred Hymns to more abstract influences such as Goosebumps, Caribbean magic beliefs, Rudolf Steiner, and Disney's 'The Godess of Spring'. Upon initial digestion of these influences your initial reaction is probably that this is an amalgamation of voices which appear too diverse to entwine, but for those who know Lutto's work will also know that it's exactly this psychedelic and wild stirring pot of source material partnered with Lubomir's precise percussive and improvised sample led persuasions that make him stand out as a unique and flourishing figure in electronic music.

'Dark Secret World' is certainly a mystical trip, with Lubomir conversing with and pooling from a sampled palette that is ultimately a deep, personal, dark and twisted tale of horror and intrigue, melding this gambit with his signature air of light & wildly percussive beat led playfulness has allowed him to create something wholly other. 'Dark Secret World' stands as an expertly and clearly painstakingly crafted 43 minute movement through ethereal & fantastical unfamiliar realms to sudden sweeps of the totally familiar where rewinds, heavy breaks, bass waves, whistles, airhorns, sirens, etc weave together to form an album which is both extremely odd yet totally cohesive and absorbing.

'Within just a few years, Warsaw-based producer Lubomir Grzelak aka Lutto Lento has established himself as one of the most singular and innovative voices in underground electronic music. Crafting brindled mash-ups that tear apart aesthetic standards in a many-s

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