DJ Hell (CD) - Zukunftsmusik

DJ Hell (CD)


International Deejay Gigolo Records
Release date: 12/05/17
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: CD
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1. Anything, Anytime
2. Car, Car, Car
3. I Want My Future Back
4. Army of Strangers
5. Wir Reiten Durch Die Nacht
6. Inferno Part 1
7. High Priests of Hell
8. Guede
9. 2 Die 2 Sleep
10. I Want You
11. K-House
12. Inferno Part 2
13. Wild At Art
14. With U (feat. Stereo MCs)
DJ Hell (CD) - Zukunftsmusik


We are pleased to announce DJ Hell´s 5th album "Zukunftsmusik", to be released on May 12th, 2017 worldwide at International Deejay Gigolo Records.

The techno revolution 30 years ago, where boundaries, walls and our own guarded natures came
crumbling down? The archaic establishment-challenging attitude and forthright energy of the
punks? The long-awaited eruption of gay culture that had burned and yearned since the dawn of
mankind? Dare you travel even further back? Rewind two hundred years to the romantic
revolution where men like the blitzed Berloiz helped us transcend our physical limitations for
suspended moments of fantastique disbelief… All of these moments have shaped us, our music
and our culture. Each movement comprising artists who - like us right now - are trying to make
sense of the uncertain world, the chaotic present and the fearful future. Artists like Hell.

Welcome to the future…Reflecting over his participation and contribution to myriad cultural
movements since the late 70s, his passion of ever-evolving musical form and our current socialpolitical
landscape, Hell taps into our collective rich histories, our combined fears and our mutual
desires to create his most personal, ambitious and thought provoking body of work to date:

His fifth studio album Zukunftsmusik fuses some of Hell's strong signature motifs (his passion
for subversion, his great kosmiche canvases, sudden throbbing bursts of dancefloor dynamism,
subtle songcraft) yet it sounds unlike anything Hell has ever created before. There are very few
big club singles. A delicate balance of classical dramatic orchestral tension and evocative futuristic
synthesis runs throughout. Dark and light, hope and fear, fast and slow, day and night… Over the
course of one hour Helmut Josef Geier invites you on a musical trip of a lifetime; his lifetime, your
lifetime, music's lifetime.

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