Hm505 - 505 Explorations
Hm505 - 505 Explorations (Back)


505 Explorations

third ear
Release date: 14/04/17
genre: Tech-House
Format: LP
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1. Memory Gland
2. Camera Angle
3. Excur
4. Undercurrent
5. Lawndale
6. Late Night Deep
7. Hiltd
8. Aggresive Moe
9. P Inhaler
Hm505 - 505 Explorations


Hakim Murphy has put on his HM505 lab coat and gone into the lab to make an HM505 record. What he's come out with is quite breathtaking. "The name HM505 comes from the university system in the USA. 505 signifies a Masters degree course, and HM505 is me bringing together the culmination of all my techniques (Hakim has a degree in music composition). Plus, I use a Kaoss pad when I'm HM505." This is a raw Chicago House record, and one sounding like it has been bleeped from the future to us. Like the early Detroit Techno records, this music leaves you wondering where it's from, who made it, when they made it.. and Where Can I Get It!

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