Visionis - Safe
Visionis - Safe (Back)



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Release date: 15/09/15
genre: Techno
Format: LP
1. You Stayed (1:14)
2. Victim (2:51)
3. 1 Guarda (2:19)
4. I've Said (1:00)
5. Vffected (3:23)
6. Sin-cere (4:00)
7. Safe (3:16)
8. Let Me In (3:16)
9. Too Careful To Care (3:35)
10. Tired Tears, Awake Fears (3:15)
11. Constraint (0:58)
12. Sleep Luxury (3:22)
Visionis - Safe


On 'Safe', Visionist makes his most personal statement yet. Distilling his influences down to a sparse palette of manipulated folk, pop and R&B acapellas, icy synths, and metallic drum samples, he plays off ever-present anxiety and his own battle not to let it overwhelm him. Comfort, protection, salvation-this is what we search for,' he says. We are taught that a life of no worries is better for us, and therefore we try to create one that is 'Safe.''

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