SQ - Penguin Silhouettes (CD)


Penguin Silhouettes (CD)

Lamour Records
Release date: 20/07/15
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: CD
€6.75 €0.99
1. Penguin Silhouettes
2. Tuggdots
3. Oddly Foreseen
4. Spiralchant
5. Stuck Laughter
6. Chain Refraction
7. Didgeing Away
8. Standstill
9. Didgenstein River
10. Tenor Thumps
11. Lament Free of Attachment
12. Terrerion
13. Blue But Red
SQ - Penguin Silhouettes (CD)


Put your ear to the north for this years biggest escapade on the exclusive album release of SQ. Out of the deep woods of sweden comes an enchanting experimental blend of acoustic and electronic sounds. Penguin Silhouettes is carried by howling winds from the frozen tundra with an urge to make sound poetry for the masses. The rarely published freethinkers Thomas Bjelkeborn and Paul Pignon creates a low key intense music with the strength of swedish granite that matured for an eternity.

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