Various - Early Works Vol.2: Music From The Archives
Various - Early Works Vol.2: Music From The Archives (Back)


Early Works Vol.2: Music From The Archives

Ata Records
VÖ Datum: 12.08.2022
Genre: World Music
Format: LP
25,99 €
1. Bus Stop Boogie
2. Bang Bang Boogaloo
3. Lunartics
4. Secret Universe
5. Heading Towards Catastrophe (Instrumental)
6. Help Me
7. The Hardest Day
8. In Pursuit Of Shai Hulud
9. When I Saw You (Instrumental)
10. Anaesthise Me
Various - Early Works Vol.2: Music From The Archives


ATA Records is pleased to announce the release of Early Works Vol.2: Music From The Archives, a compilation of tracks recorded in the fledgling days of the label paired with some rediscovered treasures from more recent years. While the majority of the album is previously unreleased material several tracks have appeared on different formats.

This is a rare chance for listeners to experience the birth of the ATA's enduring concept and recording techniques from the comfort of their own home.

In 2020 label founder and musician Neil Innes decided to destroy the studio he had spent 14-years building, destroy it and rebuild it from the ground up.

Once the studio began to take shape again and Innes was finally able to take a breath he began rooting through the label's archives, pulling out reels that had been propping up tables, holding open doors and generally lurking in nooks and crannies for years.

His trip down memory uncovered a wealth of dusty musical treasures and also got him thinking about tracks from newer artists, nuggets to compliment the archive gold.

Along with the first airings of tracks by The Harmony Society, The Disarrays this 11track comp includes appearances by studio favourites: The Magnificent Tape Band, The Sorcerers, The Mandatory Eight, Ivan Von Engleberger's Asteroid and long time collaborator Chris Dawkins (recording under Earl Dawkins).Also on the comp is Joe Tatton's Bang Bang Boogaloo, previously only released on 7 inch and greatly desired by record diggers everywhere.

01: The Harmony Society - Bus Stop Boogie
02: The Joe Tatton Trio - Bang Bang Boogaloo
03: Ivan Von Engelberger's Asteroid - Lunartics
04: The Lewis Express - Secret Universe (feat. Earl Dawkins)
05: The Magnificent Tape Band - Heading Towards Catastrophe (Instrumental)
06: The Disarrays - Help Me
07: The Mandatory Eight - The Hardest Day
08: The Sorcerers - In Pursuit of Shai Hulud
09: The Magnificent Tape Band - When I Saw You (Instrumental)

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