Afrobuddha - Obame/Zone (140 gram vinyl 12" + insert)
Afrobuddha - Obame/Zone (140 gram vinyl 12" + insert) (Back)


Obame/Zone (140 gram vinyl 12" + insert)

VÖ Datum: 05.11.2021
Genre: Afro House
Format: Maxi / EP
12,89 €
1. Obame
2. Obame (Dub Mix)
3. Zone
4. Zone (Drum Mix)
Afrobuddha - Obame/Zone (140 gram vinyl 12" + insert)


Mysticisms delves into the spiritual realm with the archival recordings of London based Japanese duo, Afrobuddha to present their highly sought music to date, in Obame and Zone, on one EP.
With copies of their debut releases now selling for dizzying prices, a chance to work with label friend Kay Suzuki attained. With his respected Time Capsule label releasing a stream of amazing world music inspired reissues, his project with Koichi Sakai is revisited and reborn.
Released as a celebration of the spiritual affinity felt with the African and Afro-Caribbean music community, enter 'Obame'; a collaboration with the Kakatsitsi Drummers - pioneering percussionists of the Ga tribe of Southern Ghana. Combining traditional drumming with flutes, xylophone and folkloric chants, Suzuki and Sakai's art and philosophy of rhythm via house, disco, afrobeat and reggae, underpins this offering to stunning effect.
'Zone' follows. A spiritual essence of London's vibrant multi-cultural society, the track fuses intoxicating raw percussion. Featuring Ghanaian master drummer Afla Sackey's thundering congas and djembe on a 3/4 signature of polyrhythm beats, repetitive chants and deep analogue synths, this is a stripped backed journey into drum dub of space-bending delays and reverb effects

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