Various Artists - Beats on Boat Vol. 1 (Ltd. 2P)
Various Artists - Beats on Boat Vol. 1 (Ltd. 2P) (Back)

Various Artists

Beats on Boat Vol. 1 (Ltd. 2P)

Ear Sight
VÖ Datum: 06.11.2020
Genre: Hip Hop / Rap
Format: LP
23,99 €
1. Jazzstyle
2. Notes
3. Uferlos
4. Cubensis
5. I Did This In 5 Minutes
6. About You
7. Taipane
8. Amatista
9. Feels Like
10. Flightmode On
11. I Drank Cafe Del Mar
12. Early Flight
13. Doorsteps
14. Make It Last
15. Que Paso
16. U
Various Artists - Beats on Boat Vol. 1 (Ltd. 2P)


Beats on Boat vol. 1 is a double LP with 6 nationalities, 8 artists & 16 Tracks pressed on 180g vinyl and limited to 400 copies w/ FloFilz, Made in M, Melodiesinfonie, Juan RIOS, Hazy Year, Lunchbag (aka Theo Spazzatura), illiterate (aka Les Geddit) & iamalex. The compilation accompanies the YouTube series which can be watched on our website: All the artists involved have one track on each vinyl, celebrating their musical diversity. The first vinyl will be the sound you know and love of theirs. The second- will be the world premiere for the majority of the Musicians featured- taking a step out of their comfort zone into house, disco or their individual interpretations of those genres. We set sail last summer to unite some of the best producers we know and came back with hours of dope sets and a 16 track double vinyl containing a lot of firsts - not only for us but also for most artists aboard- the C & D side are full of world premieres! This vinyl is the blueprint of what’s to come here at ear-sight in the next couple of years, staying true to our lo-fi roots but also reaching out to new horizons and we feel so blessed to have taken this first step with these talented cats.

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