Max Essa vs Eddie C - Jigsaw Moon/Jules Y Cyntia
Max Essa vs Eddie C - Jigsaw Moon/Jules Y Cyntia (Back)

Max Essa vs Eddie C

Jigsaw Moon/Jules Y Cyntia

Is It Balearic
VÖ Datum: 30.04.2021
Genre: Disco / Cosmic
Format: Maxi / EP
10,79 €
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1. That Side
2. Jigsaw Moon
3. Jigsaw Moon (Eddie C Acid Dub)
4. This Side
5. Jules Y Cynthia
6. Jules Y Cynthia (Eddie C Dubwise In Der Wedding Mix)
Max Essa vs Eddie C - Jigsaw Moon/Jules Y Cyntia


Long time Is It Balearic collaborator Max Essa brings his usual finesse to the label delivering 2 sublime island grooves.After hearing both tracks the dude that is Eddie C decided he'd be up for remixing both. This heavyweight sound clash 12 is the result.Jigsaw moon is a lively shuffling euro disco groover. Post sunset poolside head nodder. Eddie's remix goes into the realms of acid house to both excite and hypnotise whilst dubbing out the OG version. Jule Y Cnythia is one of those tracks that only comes around so often. Deeply emotional and joyous in equal amounts. Truly Balearic and perfect for an end of night hugfest. Reminiscent of The Cure with a touch of Joy Division maybe. Eddie C turns up the Balearometer to !1 wraps up a draw and lets go.A nod to the pictures of you remix but remaining uniquely IIB. This is a one off 12 grab it quick

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