JISR - Too far Away (Vinyl LP)


Too far Away (Vinyl LP)

Free Soul Inc.
VÖ Datum: 11.12.2020
Genre: Afro / Afrobeat
Format: LP
18,99 €
1. Berma
2. Musaka
3. Mosque Road
4. Ready For Rafla
5. Too Far Away
6. Samawi
7. Andalousian Springtime
JISR - Too far Away (Vinyl LP)


Welcome to the first part of the new SPIRITS HIGH ABOVE anthology on FREE SOUL INC., a series focusing on the deeper, spiritual side of World Jazz & beyond.
Some time ago my friend and sOund vOyage partner Niko Schabel (Radio Citizen, Embryo etc.) introduced me to a band he plays for and that he produces: JISR ??? (Arabic for "bridge").
Building bridges with music:
JISR ??? is a collective from Munich led by the charismatic linguist, singer, percussionist and Gembri player Dr. Mohcine Ramdan. He gathered some of Bavaria´s finest musicians to share his vision of an emotional Pan-Oriental sound that is deeply rooted in the tradition of his family of musicians in Marrakesh, Morocco.
Their live performance offers an unique fusion of Arabic Maqam, the polyrhythm of Gnawa music, World Spiritual Jazz & a bit of Afro Kraut and sets a new landmark in how to unite the diversity of diasporic music in Europe in a one stage set. Truly mesmerizing & a must see.
JISR ??? Band leader Dr. Mohcine Ramdan follows the path of musical exchange like a post modern Ibn Battuta of sound. The result on their debut album "too far away" (freesoulinc/enja, yellow bird) is a ethnographic snapshot of polycultural musical traditions that breaks down boundaries, unconventionally arranged & orchestrated with a great longing for exotic athmospheres.
Modern Pan-Oriental Afro Jazz at it´s best with a strong focus set on the instruments "Oud" (the Arabic lute) plus "Gembri" (the North African bass) and on the ancient traditions of the Gnawa and Arabic music behind them. Healing music for the heart, mind &soul.
Band members are the Oud Virtuoso Roman Bunka (Embryo), Argentinian guitar maestro Luis Borda, Marja Burchard (Embryo, Karl Hector & the Malcouns), Wolfi Schlick (Express Brass Band, Poets of Rhythm), Niko Schabel (Radio Citizen, sOund vOyage), Dine Doneff (ECM) and many more.
The album is already making some noise on our pre release site: Bandcamp LP of the week! Plus Radio suppor

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