Konduku - Seker EP


Seker EP

VÖ Datum: 26.11.2020
Genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: Maxi / EP
15,99 €
1. Şekersin
2. Şeker 5
3. Şekerli
4. Şeker 7
5. Şeker
Konduku - Seker EP


"Ruben Üvez aka Konduku (a former resident of sadly closed De School in Amsterdam) delivered this extended play: a S?eker-meditation resting in itself: You always know where you are while having no clue where it's coming from!
Rooted in steppy beats, these 5 variations of the same insult towards your having-something-better-to-do-state-of-mind will convince you that there is more out there! Something deep, something to be explored, maybe it's dark, but it's definitely something connecting you to the interdimensional sphere of progression within the human-designed world-consciousness-interface of communication through music!!
Not any music but the intricate kind of one you want to experience through a club sound-system (in case you do have neighbours and spent less than 3000,- on your home-system (…or really good headphones for that matter))!

For the cover we owe eternal gratitude to Sophie Schmidt, an artist from Munich, who apart from amazing paintings sometimes delivers breathtaking performances - and we can not recommend highly enough experiencing one of those!!! Honestly: Watch them if you get the chance: You're unlikely to experience that kind of intensity anywhere else!"

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