High Pulp - Bad Juice (2LP)

High Pulp

Bad Juice (2LP)

King Underground
VÖ Datum: 27.11.2020
Genre: Jazz
Format: LP
24,99 €
1. Introducing
2. Hookai
3. Ezell's
4. Fishbowl
5. Dave's
6. Smooth
7. Impression
8. Epilogue
High Pulp - Bad Juice (2LP)


High Pulp are an 8-piece band that emerged from the Royal Room, a legendary Seattle Jazz club where they held "Funk Church" jam sessions in 2017. Their signature sound is a Psychedelic fusion of Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, and Soul which come together with complex, well thought out arrangements and progressive style. After successful sessions and premieres with prestigious station KEXP, and being at the forefront of the Seattle music scene, they're now ready to branch out and take their sound worldwide. Bad Juice kicks off with lush, soulful big band horns, as the triumphant and quite epic intro sets the tone for this truly unique multifaceted band. They really show off their skills in the first few minutes, showing off a range of styles from an up-tempo ska-like jam to a downtempo sleazy Jazz-Rock groove. Their high level of creativity and leftfield Cinematic Orchestra/Stereolab-esque arrangements meld perfectly with the inspiration of 60's and 70's Jazz, Soul, and Funk. It's sprinkled with a new age touch in a concoction worthy of any lounge, Funk, or Dance DJ or discerning crate digger alike.

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