Call Super - Every Mouth Teeth Missing
Call Super - Every Mouth Teeth Missing (Back)

Call Super

Every Mouth Teeth Missing

VÖ Datum: 06.11.2020
Genre: Beatz
Format: LP
21,90 €
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1. An Unstable Music
2. Every Mouth Teeth Missing
3. Pleasure For Pleasure
4. Opperton Swim
5. Mouth Bank Bed
6. Sleep All Night With Open Eye
7. Pay As U Glow
8. Ekkles
9. Welcome New People
10. Milkweed
Call Super - Every Mouth Teeth Missing


Glorious third album by Call Super; his first for Anthony Naples’ Incienso, following the label’s
amazing DJ Python side with an immersive suite of shapeshifting sound design and needlepoint
rhythm programming
In the works for three years, or roughly since ‘Arpo’, Call Super’s third album moves his production
tekkers to the next level. It incorporates stronger influence than ever from prevailing outernational
rhythm currents, as well as stark modern classical and post-rock styles, to feel out a lushly organic
and emotionally personalised sort of ambient dance ecosystem, one teeming with detailed and
bedevilling production which gives voice to his most curious and inventive musical urges.
The level of nanometer-tight, obsessively filigree detail to his work here is just dead impressive,
leaving no second sparing for movement in 10 succinct parts that add up to an ingenious, fractal
mosaic of all his previous ideas, and then some. This new approach can be summed in the title and
aesthetic of album opener ‘An Unstable Music’, where shards of metal guitar, icy piano droplets
and bursts of concète texture set scattered coordinates for what’s to follow; taking in crystalline
2-step in ‘Pleasure For Pleasure’, and a tight dembow mutation of shine-eyed ‘90s AI in ‘Opperton
Swim’, before it turns deep with his murky collage of chamber-like strings and strung-out vox in
the ‘Mouth Bank Bed’, and the likes of ‘Sleep All Night With Open Eye’ push into a gloomy but humid
sort of phantasia that sweetly contrasts his radiant webs of insectoid patterns recalling Beatrice
Dillon’s amazing ‘Workaround’ album in ‘Ekkles’, and the switch between deliquescent arps and
frayed vocals that wrap up the album in a wickedly puzzling knot

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