Eversines (+ Oceanic Remix) - Plooi

Eversines (+ Oceanic Remix)


Kalahari Oyster Cult
VÖ Datum: 25.11.2020
Genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: Maxi / EP
10,79 €
1. Plooi
2. Plooi (Oceanic Remix)
3. Efbol
4. Missing (Mix 1)
Eversines (+ Oceanic Remix) - Plooi


2019 was the year of breakthrough for Amsterdam-based talent and De Lichting staple Eversines. Continuing on his ascension, we’re chuffed to welcome him to the fold with ‘Plooi’ – a stupendous mini sonic odyssey of sorts, taking us from vaporous skylines to brightly hued seascapes. Both captivatingly melodic and kinetic to the full, the four tracks composing the backbone to Eversines’ new jaunt into elegiac dance territories work their magic in the gap betwixt zen-like atmospherics, velveteen acid, sun-bleached electro and chiseled breaks that step up to the plate.

Whilst the OG version of ‘Plooi’ eases us into a shape-shifting environment, swinging the pendulum between nu-age infused / Sino-flavoured harmonics, lysergic bass phrasing and muscular breaks straight out the UK rave scene’s heyday, the remix from De School resident DJ Oceanic alters the original into a subaquatic dub weapon, navigating its way across frothing and bubbling synth lines to emerge in geysers of thermal bleeping and rhythmic outbursts. A more jacking affair, ‘Efbol’ carves out a lane of its own in between angular techno and playful, retro-laced electronica a la KLF meets James Holden in his ’Idiots Are Winning’ days. Completing the set on a more understated note, ‘Missing’ in collaboration with RDS promises to fill your headspace with thoughts of beauty and quiet. Merging FX-dipped piano chords, laid-back junglism and heavily verbed-out envelopes to form a well unique piece of ambient lushness, Eversines ushers us into a world of vibrant musical rapture, nestling away from standardized tropes and patterned behaviours.

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