Various Artists - A Stranger I May Be: Savoy Gospel 1954-1966

Various Artists

A Stranger I May Be: Savoy Gospel 1954-1966

Honest Jon's
VÖ Datum: 16.10.2020
Genre: Blues
Format: LP
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1. I'm Getting Richer
2. I Don't Need Nobody But The Lord
3. Let Freedom Ring
4. How Much More
5. Lord, It's Me
6. Low Is The Way
7. Trouble Of Mine
8. I'm Glad I'm A Witness For My Lord
9. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
10. He First Loved Me
11. On Some Day
12. He That Believed
13. There's Something Within Me
14. The Wicked Race
15. Let The Train Roll Easy
16. Mean Old World
17. Get Your Business Right
18. Are You Listening
19. Mercy
20. They Won't Believe Me
21. Earnestly Praying
22. My Jesus Love Just Bubbles Over
23. It's The Holy Ghost
24. Wade In The Water
Various Artists - A Stranger I May Be: Savoy Gospel 1954-1966


Exhilarating, previously unreleased recordings by Derek Bailey and his guests at Company Week in 1983: Jamie Muir, Evan Parker, Hugh Davies, Joëlle Léandre, John Corbett, Peter Brötzmann, Vinko Globokar, Ernst Reijseger and J.D. Parran.
What's remarkable throughout this album is the respect and affection the musicians show for each other, exemplifying the dictionary definition of 'company' as 'the fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment.'

It starts with Landslide, a brilliant, spiky, spluttering, twanging reunion of Music Improvisation Company members Evan Parker (tenor sax), Hugh Davies (electronics) and Jamie Muir (percussion). Next up, Seconde Choix, with Joëlle Léandre's close-miked prepared bass and Bailey's acoustic guitar seemingly heading in different directions before coming together miraculously in just four minutes.

The opening of First Choice, a duet between Bailey and Muir, is a revelation for those who moan that the guitarist plays too many notes. His patient and truly exquisite exploration of harmonics is beautifully counterpointed by Muir's metallic percussion.

On Pile Ou Face (Heads Or Tails) Davies concentrates on his high register oscillators, carefully shadowed by Parker's soprano until Léandre's deft, springy pizzicato lures them into the playground. JD In Paradise is a surprisingly delicate wind quartet, with John Corbett's trumpet, fragile and Don Cherry-like, punctuating the sinuous interplay between Peter Brötzmann and J.D. Parran (on sopranos, flutes and clarinet), while trombonist Vinko Globokar growls approvingly in the background.

Igor Stravinsky's definition of music as the 'jeu de notes' comes to mind listening to Bailey's duet with cellist Ernst Reijseger (executing fiendish double-stopped harmonics with staggering ease). Technical virtuosity has never sounded so effortless - it is, as its title Een Plezierig Stukje simply states, a fun piece.

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