Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators - Scorpio Man (LP)
Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators - Scorpio Man (LP) (Back)

Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators

Scorpio Man (LP)

Timmion Records
VÖ Datum: 25.09.2020
Genre: Soul
Format: LP
17,99 €
1. The Scorpio Walk
2. Still Trippin'
3. Bag Full Of Miracles
4. Street Of Tears
5. Windy City Blues
6. Scorpio Man Theme
7. Cold Turkey Time
8. Journey To The Bottom
Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators - Scorpio Man (LP)


A new colossal star rises in the twilight of funky soul jazz as Ernie Hawks releases his debut album "Scorpio Man" on Timmion Records. The impressive trombonist/flutist, is known to hold no punches, when performing live in the ranks of The Soul Investigators. Here he delivers a fierce selection of S.O.U.L. and Cymande flavored instrumentals that also bring to mind some of the finest sample-fodder library music.

The album's name, "Scorpio Man" might come from the stinging and slightly intimidating style Hawks handles the trombone slide, known to pierce the hearts and souls of the ladies in the front row during his live performances. On this album, Ernie rides to battle equipped only with the flute, but this does not mean we will be exposed to some smooth jazz snooze fest. Rather Ernie handles his instrument with muscular rawness at times and moody ambiance at others, sliding with ease into any groove that the extended Soul Investigators band lays down.

"Scorpio Man" is no one trick pony, and the listener will be shifted around from the exhilarating psych funk of "Scorpio Walk" all the way to the airy moods of "Street of Tears". Take a chance with the Scorpio Man, his sting will give you a funky high much better than what they sell in the streets.

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