Forgemasters - Skies Over Sheffield EP (Incl. Luca Lozano, John S
Forgemasters - Skies Over Sheffield EP (Incl. Luca Lozano, John S (Back)


Skies Over Sheffield EP (Incl. Luca Lozano, John S

Seven Hills
VÖ Datum: 14.10.2020
Genre: Breakbeat
Format: Maxi / EP
10,79 €
1. Skies Over Sheffield (1990)
2. Skies Over Sheffield (Luca Lozano’s Sunshine on Sharrow Mix)
3. Skies Over Sheffield (96 Back Eccy Beach Heatwave Mix)
4. Skies Over Sheffield (John Shima’s Rainclouds over Renishaw Mix)
Forgemasters - Skies Over Sheffield EP (Incl. Luca Lozano, John S


Our next Seven Hills release Skies Over Sheffield returns the label to its Yorkshire roots. God’s own county yields this long-lost gem of a track courtesy of Sheffield legends and Bleep pioneers Forgemasters, with three new, home-grown remixes from John Shima, Luca Lozano and 96 Back to complement.

The Forgemasters trio: Winston Hazel, Sean Maher and Rob Gordon first gained acclaim with their now iconic, Track with No Name and hold prestige as the first to ever release on Warp Records (WAP1). Skies Over Sheffield however, has been waiting in the wings ever since its conception back in the early 90s; for nearly two decades the sun had stayed set over the track which lay nestled in an old recording of Winston Hazel’s Sheffield Community Radio from 1992. So we’re very proud to announce the long awaited dawn break of Skies Over Sheffield on Seven Hills Records.

The provenance of this record has always been close to our hearts here at Seven Hills; accordingly, we wanted to have a concept for the remixes that kept close ties to the Sheffield music scene. As such, we have two tracks from born and bred producers - John Shima and 96 Back - alongside one from longterm resident and honorary ‘Sheffielder’ Luca Lozano.

Music fathoms the sky!

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