Pearson Sound & Clara! - Mi Cuerpo
Pearson Sound & Clara! - Mi Cuerpo (Back)

Pearson Sound & Clara!

Mi Cuerpo

Pearson Sound
VÖ Datum: 21.08.2020
Genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: 5" / 7" / 10"
9,65 €
1. Mi Cuerpo
2. Mi Cuerpo (Instrumental)
Pearson Sound & Clara! - Mi Cuerpo


Clara! and Pearson Sound make their debut collaboration with 'Mi Cuerpo' (My Body), recorded remotely in Brussels and London in early 2020. Driven by Pearson's sharp snares, spiky FM synths and a rattling sub bassline, Clara's lyrics describe being lost in music yet in control of your own body movements; dancing alone without the gaze of others. At its midpoint the track builds to a frenzy, reaching a crescendo with the repeated chant of 'poco pudor y mucho sudor' (Don't be embarrassed, Get sweaty), and finally closing out with snippets of whispered vocals and gasps. Accompanying the main vocal mix is an extended instrumental version for the club, as well as a 3D video by Amsterdam-based Juliette Lizotte and Philip Ullman. DJ support from Joy O, Ben UFO + more

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Pearson Sound


Pearson Sound
9,65 €
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