DART - Hit and Run EP
DART - Hit and Run EP (Back)


Hit and Run EP

Shall Not Fade
VÖ Datum: 22.07.2020
Genre: Tech-House
Format: Maxi / EP
10,79 €
DART - Hit and Run EP


One of Ireland’s fast-rising stars, DART brings his inimitable energy from Dublin to d-floor with this killer EP. After winning the AVA Emerging Producer competition in 2018, there has been no stopping the young gun. The first to release on Shall Not Fade’s new Basement Tracks series - focussing on club fuelled Techno & Electro., This is a masterclass in big-room vibes; wild licks of funk filled techno and electro that have paved the way for DART carving out a space for himself on bills and labels across the globe.

‘Stop for Nothing’ sets the scene - stripped back techno sits beneath melodic trance elements, building up to an enigmatic peak and descending into a raw and upfront banger, swinging from barely there synths to kickin techno - this one is a real trip.
Next up, ‘Hit and Run’ is low-slung and mesmerising. Wiggling lines meet eerie overtones, soundtracking a late-night cruise turned mystical adventure. B-side ‘Shutdown’ is killer acid-lined cut - a slow burner that builds into vague memories of synth pop with an otherworldly, exotic twist. Rounding out the ep with a super slick, infectious 2-stepper, ‘Plugged Outro’ is a straight-forward groovy cut that you’ll want to keep on loop.

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