SW. - Night
SW. - Night (Back)



Night Defined Recordings
VÖ Datum: 24.07.2020
Genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
15,99 €
1. øpenJA[zzz...]
2. silverlight [ja]zz[sh]Ort
3. Citiy Africa MA[XXX]
4. ëAtZAbEATzzGANGSter[n]
5. druQks iDEA[T]
6. deeep HAUNTINGshit
SW. - Night


The third long player on Night Defined Recordings sees SUED affiliate SW.
presenting his new mini LP ‘Night’ and walking a tightrope between jazz and
club music. The tracks manifest and dematerialize themselves almost in a
non-tangible and floating way, which can be seen as more than just a
musical approach but rather shows the artist referring to issues of volatility and evanescence. While listening, some may find themselves in the dark and dusty atmosphere of a jazz club, where the band in the corner at the other end of the room is playing their instruments just when the beat kicks in and puts you right into the club atmosphere.

Written & produced by SW. at SUEDstudio
Mastering by Mattias Fridell
Artwork by Studio Belser

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