Dman & Roger 23 - 222
Dman & Roger 23 - 222 (Back)

Dman & Roger 23


VÖ Datum: 22.05.2020
Genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
15,99 €
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Dman & Roger 23 - 222


The 2018 Meakusma Festival in eastern Belgium saw the first
ever joint live performance by Dman and Roger 23. »222« sees
the recorded rehearsal takes for that performance edited and
enhanced, conjuring up an album that consciously swerves in
and out of concrete and dreamlike states, updating 90s-like
ambient house and techno with a cavernous and conceptual
stance. Over the course of twelve tracks and two locked
grooves, »222« brings concrete ideas to conclusions that are
as coincidental as they are intentional. It is this dichotomy that
drives the album, its experimental nature touching upon
simplicity and complexity in equal measure. Infused by a
desire to fully execute ideas or have the ideas reach their own
conclusion, »222« has an explicit album structure, giving
space to long stretches of echo-laden experimental
soundscapes and beats that are introspective yet forward,
while its short tracks break open the mold and reset attention.
This is an album made by two forces of underground club
music in Germany. Their shared knowledge informs it with a
sense of history while at the same time updating and
commenting on that same history. It uses house and techno
as a portal into more experimental terrain. The album’s cover
image is taken from the book »Das Hohe Venn - Bilder einer
Landschaft« by Willi Filz. All track titles make explicit reference
to villages and towns in the Eifel region in western Germany
and eastern Belgium. All rehearsals and recordings took place
in Saarbruecken, exactly 222 km from Eupen. Roger 23 has
been carving out his own particular club music niche since
1998. In recent years, his production work has shown an everexpanding interest in ambient and experimental music. Dman
used to run the legendary HD800 club in Mannheim, Germany,
a catalyst for electronic club music in the south of Germany

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