SYLK - SYLK (Strictly Ltd. 180g Vinyl Reissue LP)
SYLK - SYLK (Strictly Ltd. 180g Vinyl Reissue LP) (Back)


SYLK (Strictly Ltd. 180g Vinyl Reissue LP)

Tidal Waves Music
VÖ Datum: 01.05.2020
Genre: Funk
Format: LP
32,99 €
1. You Know How To Get Down
2. Movin On
3. I'll Always Come Back To You
4. I Just Want To Know Your Name
5. Be Somebody
6. Love Is The Key
7. Lost & Lonely
8. Seekin
SYLK - SYLK (Strictly Ltd. 180g Vinyl Reissue LP)


- Rare Private Press Funk/Soul from 1983 - Featuring James Brown collaborator Leroy Harper Jr. - First vinyl reissue since 1983 - Deluxe 180g vinyl edition - Black Vinyl Edition Limited to 500 copies // Sylk was a short-lived soul & funk band from the Aiken, South Carolina - Augusta, Georgia border area (better known as the CSRA) who released just one album in 1983. Their self-titled (and only) album would become a much sought-after private pressed holy grail within the record collecting community. Sylk was founded by Leroy Harper Jr. (sax/keyboards) and Ben Moses (bass/guitar). Soon they were also joined by key-members Keith Henderson (drums/percussion) and Michael Simpkins (vocals/trombone). The band also sought out John Howard (who was known for his funky rhythm style guitar + excellent soloing) and David Sanders (a known rock keyboardist in the local scene). Later down the line George Bright and Cathey McLaughlin also teamed up with Sylk_the line-up was now complete. All members were friends, frequented the same music scene or knew each other from high school. Leroy Harper Jr. & Michael Simpkins already made their bones playing together in the local funk band Exit Enterprises, one of the hottest bands in the CSRA area. All these talented musicians (some were playing from the tender age of 15) were ready to get funkin'_it was time to form SYLK and get busy. Ben Moses (who is now a preacher) was the band leader and it was his idea to write and record the album before the band would start playing gigs. Ben was al tall guy with long fingers who played on a 'Peavey Natural Wood' bass guitar (which gave the band its classic funky-smooth sound). Rehearsing at Ben's house, they were all green first-time song writers_but the songs were flowing in an almost organic fashion. Soon after the writing process was completed, they went and recorded the album at John Peterson's home studio in North Augusta SC. The engineer on duty was the legendary Jim Loyd responsible for master

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