Yutie Lee - Flower Protocol (3LP)
Yutie Lee - Flower Protocol (3LP) (Back)

Yutie Lee

Flower Protocol (3LP)

Public Possession
VÖ Datum: 15.05.2020
Genre: Disco / Cosmic
Format: LP
27,99 €
1. 野菊花 = Chamomile
2. 梅花 = Plum Blossom
3. 夜來香 = Tuberosa
4. 茉莉花 = Jasmine
5. 蘭花 = Orchid
6. 玫瑰 = Rose
7. Chamomile Night (Alva Noto Remodel)
8. Chamomile Day (Alva Noto Remodel)
9. Flower Protocol (Oceanic Remix)
10. Flower Protocol (Suzanne Kraft Remix)
11. Flower Protocol (Bell Towers Remix)
12. Flower Protocol (Laura Groves Remix)
Yutie Lee - Flower Protocol (3LP)


Part I (Disc 1) The Taiwanese artist Yutie Lee covers six Chinese folk songs about Flowers. Tuberosa, Rose, Jasmine, Plum Blossom, Orchids & Chamomile all are odes to the beauty of the plant. The flower also being a metaphor for something we are desperately longing for, but can never quite get. However you may want to interpret the songs, they are all telling a story of something pure and indestructible. In the end nature will prevail? Romantic thoughts created in a time long before the current state of the world. By artificially mutating her voice, Yutie Lee successfully manages to transfer the songs into 2020s arguably much more complex, dystopian reality. She does this not without a bow to the past, prevailing something of the original songs sweet essence, even adding a layer of humour… in the end leaving the listener with a feeling of good hope. Part II (Disc 2-3) To complete the package Yutie Lee’s versions have been remixed by, Alva Noto, Bell Towers, Laura Groves, Oceanic and Suzanne Kraft.

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