AMSH - The Duel
AMSH - The Duel (Back)


The Duel

Line Explorations
VÖ Datum: 14.02.2020
Genre: Ambient
Format: Maxi / EP
21,90 €
AMSH - The Duel


''The Duel'' is a sonic portrayal of the process of one coming to terms with a loss of a loved one. Each musical piece paints the emotions of such a processes. The ''Intro'' shocks at a realisation of such a loss and immediate denial, which is portrayed by visceral and tightly searing sounds. Its questionable tone and thin layers of frequencies symbolise one's own questioning for the reasons of such loss and the thin layer of security one feels without the presence of its loved one. The second track promotes the idea that denial cannot be continued due to the anger and self-blame within oneself as envisioned with deeper frequencies and more foreboding synthesizer soundscapes. ''Transition'' lifts up the atmosphere by suggesting false hope of one somehow able to put off or delay the ordeal completely while ''Depression'' hits back with heavier sounds confirming the reality of one's loss of a loved one and subsequent quieting of the soul that follows the departure of a loved one.

The silence of the last pieces promote the space to think and feel in-depth which gradually evokes the feeling of acceptance of one's loss. The sense of time limitations and realities of impermanence vibrate through in and out the release, forcing one dealing with such a loss to fight and duel oneself until a transformation pushes one to accept the loss, realise matters of life further and enrich one's life by embracing life while it's here and appreciating the life of others who are and were here for one another.

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