Aril Brikha - Dance Of A Trillion Stars
Aril Brikha - Dance Of A Trillion Stars (Back)

Aril Brikha

Dance Of A Trillion Stars

mule musiq
VÖ Datum: 28.01.2020
Genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
19,49 €
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1. A Cautious Gaze
2. Forward Motion
3. Dance Of A Trillion Stars
4. Through My Sober Eyes
5. A Lifetime Ago
6. Everything Was Here First
7. Thrive On Chaos
8. She’s My Everything
Aril Brikha - Dance Of A Trillion Stars


tehran born, stockholm, sweden based(now berlin) dj and producer aril brikha is no newcomer to the global electronic music scene.

since the late 1990ees his genre meltdown between techno and house seduces club music enthusiasts around the world. influenced by all sorts of electronic music - ranging from depeche mode, front 242 and jean-michel jarre to robert hood and underground resistance – his sounds always wind between straight up club tracks and more deep unwound moving arrangements.

as one of the most prolific producers around he released ep’s on labels like kompakt, poker flat, his own company art of vengeance as well as an album for derrick may’s transmat imprint and a long-player for legendary peacefrog records. after mesmerizing ep’s for mule musiq in early 2019, he now drops a quieter album on the tokyo based enterprise, showing his love for slow trance influenced compositions, that are perfect for meditative moments and thoughtful party situations.

his new productions listen to dreamy names like “a cautious gaze” or “everything was here first” and get constantly enlarged with melodies, sounds and harmonies that go beyond the usual characteristics of a dance album.

the overall touch is ambientish, partly discreet rolling bass-lines call for a physical movement while spherical synthlines drift across deep floating trance territory.

an album for dreamers, that love to get lost in a contemporary un-nostalgic musical journey without the dictation to dance. a record that explores an infinite space of sound with a heartfelt human touch delivered in eight slow grooving tracks mixed in perfection.

all hand out a moving story arc full of fluid in-the-moment moods who dance around subliminal bass shapes and dreamfully synth pads. you can call it ambient. you can call it trance. whatever you name it, the laidback enthusiasm of “dance of a trillion stars” brings an auditory experience that haunts deeply, gives space for the tones between the tones an

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