Bergsonist - Middle Ouest
Bergsonist - Middle Ouest (Back)


Middle Ouest

Optimo Music Selva Discos
VÖ Datum: 28.01.2020
Genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
16,99 €
1. Middle Ouest
2. Amazon Snake Charming
3. Gaza Border Violence
4. Magnesium
5. Otology
6. L'algorithme
7. La Rave
8. Ach Briti
9. Don't Have Babies
10. Faith Game
11. Poverty
Bergsonist - Middle Ouest


After a digital single on Optimo Music Digital Danceforce, Optimo Music welcomes Bergsonist to the main label with a full album. Ridiculously talented and prolific, Bergsonist is one of thee most interesting, thoughtful and important artists of our times. Bergsonist aka Selwa Abd is a New York–based artist and musician originally from Morocco. She is the founder of Bizaarbazaar, a music platform and publication that publishes podcasts and interviews by DJs and producers from around the world. Under the guise Bergsonist (derived from Deleuze’s Bergsonism), she uses a variety of media to investigate social resonance through divergent conceptual aesthetics (minimalism, techno, and music concrete, to name a few). Through her work, she explores notions of identity, memory, and social politics.

In 2017, she started Pick Up The Flow, a resource to promote congregation and exchange between peers. Currently, co-run with Stephen Decker.

In 2019, she co-founded 3afak with DJ Sanna, a collective that aims to empower Arab women’s creative vision in New York.

Words about the album:

Middle Ouest is an ode to my history, present and future self. Like a sonic autobiography, It’s the first body of work that realistically depicts my identity. It’s a statement towards all the people who tried to put me into a box. I’m not a box but a genre-less ocean. I don’t make genres, I just make music I feel making in the moment. It’s all about capturing the moment in a given time. If the aesthetic happens to be house or techno then it is. But I’m not a techno artist.. I’m just a free sonic ‘voyageur’. I make music as i feel the world; it can be dark, jovial, weird… I mirror the feelings into sonic compositions. However, the only variables that never change in this equation are the message and intention.

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