Jose Rico / m4 / Alejandro Lopez / Bioluminescence - Visionary 01
Jose Rico / m4 / Alejandro Lopez / Bioluminescence - Visionary 01 (Back)

Jose Rico / m4 / Alejandro Lopez / Bioluminescence

Visionary 01

Redsonja Records
VÖ Datum: 10.12.2019
Genre: House
Format: Maxi / EP
10,79 €
1. Discotime
2. X_AT3
3. Stella Matutina
4. Eta Carinae
Jose Rico / m4 / Alejandro Lopez / Bioluminescence - Visionary 01


Redsonja Records brings to light reference number 16, held back until now, as to date 18 of our catalog has already been released. Visionary 01 is an EP by VVAA released on vinyl and digital format which showcase new a graphic identity of Redsonja Records: the warrior. In addition, RS16 also includes a future reference: Visionary 02.

The four producers that participate coincide in several aspects related to the concept we believe in as a label. They all possess a kind of "divine touch" when producing their tracks, you can tell they all work from their soul.

Jose Rico presents a track title 'Discotime', deep rhythmic cadences in the purest Detroit style; clean, bright, and delightfully mischievous sounding. Analogies intentionally created, synths that cross each other with elegance and leave space for all the necessaries. The result is an essential track in any relevant music collection. It takes us to other worlds that are more relaxed, more divinized, more colorful, more leisurely ...

m4 debuts with 'X_AT3' track, warm sounds that result in a dark track produced with exceptional creativity.

Alejandro Lopez is a brilliant Spaniard because he fills any music genre he touches with life. Bringing a deep knowledge of sound to his track 'Stella Matutina' for our label, without leaving behind that soul evoking signature sound that his productions are known for. Syncopated rhythms focused on the dance floor.

Bioluminescence is a new duo form by The Zenobit3 and Pelacha. Light in the dark is an idea that evokes 'Eta Carinae', a track built with breaks, percussions and voices that remind us that old-school English sound, true genius.

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