Various - Dancefloor Detonators Vol.1
Various - Dancefloor Detonators Vol.1 (Back)


Dancefloor Detonators Vol.1

Invisible Inc.
VÖ Datum: 04.11.2019
Genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: Maxi / EP
11,39 €
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1. Krokakai – Bodhran Beat
2. Vitorijoski – The Voice Of Barbaros
3. The Mamba – Trails
4. Cantillate – Dust To Dust
Various - Dancefloor Detonators Vol.1


So, finally we succumbed to popular demand. With the interest in the digital-only tracks we put out this year and the subsequent demand to have some of them on vinyl, it was decided at INVINC HQ to press up the most requested of these on nice shiny discs and package them in one of our nicely designed sleeves. Just for you.

The digital releases DD01 (The Mamba) and DD02 (Krokakai) came about to provide a more DJ-focussed aspect of the label: dancefloor-friendly tracks that didn't wander off quite so far into the oddball, esoteric, 'psychedelic' territory of the label's primary output. It seemed digital was more appropriate for this output....however, much feedback and many emails have proven this isn't quite the case.

Thus, Dancefloor Detonators was born.

Initially the series was to comprise of 4-track 12"s featuring the single most played/requested track from each of the digital releases.....but since DD03 and DD04 weren't ready yet the idea evolved to invite artists from outside the Invisible world to appear on the first of these EPs. Conceptual mutation in motion!

We are proud to feature here Cantillate from the Netherlands whose album "Machines For Emotions" made waves in June and whose previous EPs have had support from Mr TC, Identified Patient, Gamma Intel and more. His slo-mo, sci-fi, tribal techno chugger 'Dust To Dust' is a mesmerising synthetic scream from the depths of the psychic abyss. Slovenian Vitorijoski's 'The Voice Of Bárbaros' with its driving eastern feel instantly reminded us of Simple Symmetry, Mehmet Aslan, Mekine U Teksi and the great Disco Halal. We absolutely had to squeeze it on here, no questions asked. Krokakai and The Mamba you will know from the first two digital-only releases. Both of these tracks have had a huge interest from fans of the label and are the reason Dancefloor Detonators came about in the first place. DJs who have played one or both of these tracks include Andrew Weatherall, Thomas Von Party, Bufi, Cosmo Vite

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