Smoove - Recorded Delivery (2LP)


Recorded Delivery (2LP)

VÖ Datum: 20.09.2019
Genre: Soul
Format: LP
17,99 €
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1. Nicole Willis – I Call Your Name (Smoove Remix) (Feat. Banda Palomita)
2. Chrome – Dopamine Hit (I Need A Hit Smoove Remix)
3. Izo Fitzroy - Say Something (Smoove Remix)
4. The Haggis Horns – World Gone Crazy (Smoove Remix) (Feat. Lucinda Slim)
5. The Allergies - Run It Back (Smoove Remix) (Feat. Andy Cooper)
6. The Third Degree – Mercy (Smoove Remix)
7. Myles Sanko - Promises (Smoove Remix)
8. Smoove & Turrell - Will You Be Mine (Smoove Retouch)
9. King Bee - Money Gone (Smoove Remix)
10. Mr Doris & D-Funk – Back In The Day (Smoove's Party Remix) (Feat. Mysdiggi)
11. Bahama Soul Club – No Words (Smoove Remix) (Feat. Brenda Boykin)
12. The Future Dub Project - Captain Hook (Smoove Remix)
13. Renegades Of Jazz - Fire (Smoove Remix) (Feat. Aspects)
14. Men Of North Country - I'm Com'un Home (In The Morn'un) (Smoove Remix)
15. Fab Samperi – Jazz Di Mezzaluna (Smoove Remix)
16. John Turrell – Stella Maris (Smoove Remix)
17. Aldo Vanucci - You're All Show (Smoove Remix) (Feat. Kylie Auldist)
Smoove - Recorded Delivery (2LP)


You may already be familiar with the tall haired, north-eastern gentleman - Smoove as one of the founding members, producer, and resident bongo player with Geordie soul outfit – Smoove & Turrell. But the man has got many strings to his bow and in case you didn't already know, he's a jolly good remixer, DJ, and selector too…

After cutting his teeth and honing his chops on the respected Acid Jazz record label as well as his own - Wack Records imprint he's since found a permanent home in Jalapeno Records where he releases the bulk of his musical output. Apart from Smoove & Turrell, his first solo outing on the label was a compilation of some of his finest remixes all collated together in one very DJ friendly package entitled 'First Class'.

As it was well-received, for the next instalment he's sticking with the theme, and stamping his authority on postage-based names, dubbing this batch 'Recorded Delivery'.

This time round there's some truly killer cuts from the likes of: Bahama Soul Club, Nicole Willis, Myles Sanko, Renegades Of Jazz, and of course – Smoove & Turrell. All of which get a healthy sprinkle of the Smoove production magic. Yes this truly is something you would like to receive through your letterbox.

And you can make that happen! If your letterbox is larger than 12" that is- as the record will be released on vinyl as a full-length LP. This will be the first outing on vinyl for many of the tracks (Izo FitzRoy, John Turrell, Nicole Willis, Mysdiggi and M.O.N.C) which makes it a must-have for DJs and collectors alike - it's definitely something to write home about…

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