JEANS / Younger Than Me - BAR Records 03
JEANS / Younger Than Me - BAR Records 03 (Back)

JEANS / Younger Than Me

BAR Records 03

BAR Records
VÖ Datum: 03.07.2019
Genre: Tech-House
Format: Maxi / EP
9,65 € 4,34 €
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1. Grand Theft Mind Explorer
2. Nohzdyve
3. Barave
4. Dirty Sex (Feat Justine)
JEANS / Younger Than Me - BAR Records 03


BAR03 is BAR Records' very first spring release. With 2 tracks by The Hague's JEANS and 2 more by Italian duo Younger Than Me this one is dedicated to the ravers.? First track by Jeans is 'Grand Theft Mind Explorer', a race car journey full of various breaks and melodies into the 4th dimension. The second track 'Nohzdyve' sounds like a spring tune on a hardcore clubnight. The peaktime beat slowly fades into a sweet and nicely confusing end. Younger Than Me's 'BaRave' has some classic UK rave elements; the signature drums are accompanied by a happy end of the day melody. This track asks for a perfect sunset. 'Dirty Sex' is the different one, a vocal track for darkrooms. Contains the beautiful voice of Justine

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