Lance Ferguson' Rare Groove Spectrum - Remixes and Rarities (12")
Lance Ferguson' Rare Groove Spectrum - Remixes and Rarities (12") (Back)

Lance Ferguson' Rare Groove Spectrum

Remixes and Rarities (12")

Freestyle Records
VÖ Datum: 19.07.2019
Genre: Funk
Format: Maxi / EP
10,49 €
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1. Sweet Power, Your Embrace (Alex Attias Sweet Re-edit)
2. 8 Counts For Rita
3. The Blessing Song (Flow Lab Kid Blessed Remix)
4. Blackbyrds Theme
Lance Ferguson' Rare Groove Spectrum - Remixes and Rarities (12")


Lance Ferguson's Rare Groove Spectrum collection of newly recorded versions of classic funk, soul, jazz and latin vinyl rarities found fans everywhere when released earlier in 2019. The extended reworking of Earth Wind & Fires' 'Brazilian Rhyme' was selected for Jazz FM's A playlist and stayed there for months.

Lance has always enjoyed imaginatively taking a classic rare groove and re-recording in it a different genre, and it has to be said that his latin-ised version of the great jazz organist Jimmy Smith's '8 Counts for Rita' is a concept no one saw coming. Kept back from the Rare Groove Spectrum album, we proudly present it here in all it's swinging, samba-fied glory!

Spanish DJ & remixer Flow Lab Kid (Sergio Cáliz López) is also along term Ferguson fan , and he delved back over 12 years to Lance's very first 'Black Feeling' album and did own 'Blessed' remix of The Blessing Song (which was originally and amusingly credited to the fictitous group The Shirley Eubanks Ensemble) but was in fact a version of jazz violinist Michael White's spiritual jazz track from his 1972 album Pneuma on Impulse Records.

Finally, there is a straight down the line funk version of the Blackbyrds Theme that also didn't make it onto the Rare Groove Spectrum album, although it was always planned that it would see the light of day and what a great way to round off Lance Ferguson's Rare Groove Spectrum - remixes and rarities.

1 Sweet Power, Your Embrace (Sweet Remix)
2 8 Counts for Rita
3 The Blessing Song (Blessed Remix)
4 Blackbyrds Theme

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