Various Artists - Jambú - e os míticos sons da amazônia (2LP)
Various Artists - Jambú - e os míticos sons da amazônia (2LP) (Back)

Various Artists

Jambú - e os míticos sons da amazônia (2LP)

VÖ Datum: 21.06.2019
Genre: Brasil
Format: LP
29,99 €
1. (Introdução) - Rosvaldo Ja Chegou ?
2. Vamos Farrear
3. A Misturada
4. Praia Do Algodoal
5. Pai Xangô
6. Meu Barquinho
7. O Galo Canta, O Macaco Assovia
8. Lambada Da Baleia
9. Mambo Assanhado
10. Carimbó Para Yemanjá
11. Coco Da Bahia
12. Carimbó Da Pimenta
13. Da Garrafa Uma Pinga
14. Maruda
15. Xangô
16. Melô Do Bode
17. Võa Andorinha
18. Lundun Da Yaya
19. Despedida
Various Artists - Jambú - e os míticos sons da amazônia (2LP)


The city of Belém, in the Northern state of Pará in Brazil, has long been a hotbed of culture and musical innovation. Enveloped by the mystical wonder of the Amazonian forest and overlooking the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, Belém consists of a diverse culture as vibrant and broad as the Amazon itself. Amerindians, Europeans, Africans - and the myriad combinations between these people - would mingle, and ingeniously pioneer musical genres such as Carimbó, Samba-De-Cacete, Siriá, Bois-Bumbás and bambiá. Although left in the margins of history, these exotic and mysteriously different sounds would thrive in a parallel universe of their own.

I didn’t even know of the existence of that universe until an Australian DJ and producer by the name of Carlo Xavier dragged me deep into this whole new musical world. Ant it all began in Belém do Pará. Perched on a peninsula between the Bay of Guajará and the Guamá river, sculpted by water into ports, small deltas and peripheral areas, Belém had connected city dwellers with those deeper within the forest providing fertile ground for the development of a popular culture mirroring the mighty waters surrounding it. Through the continuous flow of culture, language and tradition, various rhythms were gathered here and transformed into new musical forms that were simultaneously traditional and modern.

Historically marginalized African religions like Umbanda, Candomblé and the Tambor de Mina, which had reached this side of the Atlantic through slaves from West Africa – especially from the Kingdom of Dahomey, currently the Republic of Benin – left an indelible stamp on the identity of Pará´s music. They would give birth to Lundun, Banguê and Carimbó, styles later modernised by Verequete, Orlando Pereira, Mestre Cupijó and Pinduca to great effect. The success of these pioneers would create a solid foundation for a myriad of modern bands in urban areas.

Known as the “Caribbean Port,” Belem had been receiving signal from radio stat

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