Parris - Your Kiss Is Sour Ep
Parris - Your Kiss Is Sour Ep (Back)


Your Kiss Is Sour Ep

hemlock recordings
VÖ Datum: 26.04.2019
Genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: Maxi / EP
8,59 €
1. Your Kiss Is Sour
2. Flowering In Threes
3. My Beautiful Fantasy
Parris - Your Kiss Is Sour Ep


In a brief time Parris has not only engineered but fully-stabilised an otherworldly sound of unique resonance. Through leadership of cult label Soundman Chronicles and his own work on Idle Hands, Tempa and Ancient Monarchy, his research and publishing has attracted fervent interest in the UK Bass community and is rapidly gaining wider international recognition.

Measured with due diligence, he has propagated and influenced key research topics and industry best practice standards through regular transmissions on Rinse FM and the recent C90 Cassette 'TX280916 / TX111116'issued on Keysound.

Hemlock is honoured to present his most recent work exploring low frequency encryption and optimisation. HEK028 contains some of the most sophisticated and realistic models we have manufactured thus far.

'Your Kiss is Sour' a slow release payload observed from inception to destruction through decay. Malic tones are exposed, individually suspended then vacuum sealed allowing multiple strains to be dissected and ranked according to their sonic weight and availability.

'Flowering in Threes' introduces technology sensitive enough to detect and harness resonance from long-submerged sub frequency transmissions. The available models can be layered across several axis concurrently with minimal phase or gravity distortion.

'My Beautiful Fantasy' explores and challenges several popular weightless theories in an engaging and controversial tone sequence.

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