Wolf Müller Meets The Nile Project - Nouvelle Ambiance
Wolf Müller Meets The Nile Project - Nouvelle Ambiance (Back)

Wolf Müller Meets The Nile Project

Nouvelle Ambiance

Nouvelle Ambiance
VÖ Datum: 12.04.2019
Genre: Afro / Afrobeat
Format: Maxi / EP
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Wolf Müller Meets The Nile Project - Nouvelle Ambiance


In January 2016 arts and music organisation Santuri East Africa invited guest producer Jan Schulte to join the Nile Project gathering in Aswan, Egypt - an intensive two week musical experiment featuring musicians drawn from all around the Nile Basin that functioned as both a creative cauldron for cross-border collaboration, and a forum for artists and cultural activists to discuss the issues affecting the Nile river.

Wolf Mu?ller aka Jan Schulte has been a resident of Dusseldorf's era-defining Salon des Amateurs for many years, releasing wildly inventive and dance music under various monikers - from his birth name to Wolf Mu?ller, Bufiman and his Young Wolf collaboration with Young Marco. Schulte's feel for off kilter sounds and rhythms and a playful approach to the sometimes po-faced world of dance music have resulted in some incredibly well received releases (Instrumental Musik Von Der Mitte Der World and the compilation Tropical Drums of Deutschland being prime examples).

Santuri East Africa is an organisation set up to connect musicians and producers from around the globe, a process of co-collaboration that has led to some highly well received releases on Soundway (Msafiri Zawose) Sofrito (Auntie Flo's Soniferous Garden) and On the Corner (Makadem and Mugwisa).

Clocking in at a shade over 15 minutes, A-side "Mabomba Dance" gradually layers Kasiva Mutua's needle-sharp percussion over a deep analogue bass pulse, building into a hypnotic dancefloor workout.

The B-side sees erstwhile Owiny Sigoma Band collaborator Rapasa Nyatrapasa showcase his Nyatiti harp before delving into an almost Afrobeat-esque slice of afro-minimalism. The EP rounds off with Adel Mekha's stellar vocals over traditional Nubian percussion.

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