unknown - Sport 4000
unknown - Sport 4000 (Back)


Sport 4000

VÖ Datum: 19.02.2019
Genre: Techno
Format: Maxi / EP
9,65 €
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1. The Prophet
2. Meatpie
3. Contadini
unknown - Sport 4000


A - The Prophet
Drenched in a thick haze of layered synthpads, "The Prophet" builds up from muted, dissonant percussion and little drum-fills. A few vocal-snippets recorded on the street give way to a slowed down jungle-jam, that winds down before things intensify for the rollout. One for the twilight hours.

B1 - Meatpie
Clearly the thug of this bunch, "Meatpie" is a mean technostomper, driven by distorted drums and a thick underbelly of call-and-response basslines. Midway through, rather unsubtle tribal drums switch things up and introduce a dramatic pad, before the carnage resumes. Supported by Violet (Naïve), Peach, Imre Kiss, JASSS and ASOK (Lobster Theremin) amongst others.

B2 - Contadini
You fool around with some classic old samples, finish the tune for a laugh, it works great but in the meantime a dozen other tracks come out with the same break. What to do Sleep on it for way too long and finally stick it on the runout of your B-Side, that's what you do. Go have fun with this!
All props to the Vicks-crew.

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