Andrea Zarza Canova & Matthew Kent - Secrets of Mana
Andrea Zarza Canova & Matthew Kent - Secrets of Mana (Back)

Andrea Zarza Canova & Matthew Kent

Secrets of Mana

VÖ Datum: 23.01.2019
Genre: Ambient
Format: Kassette
12,69 €
Andrea Zarza Canova & Matthew Kent - Secrets of Mana


Mana can be understood as a powerful, often magical, force contained within objects. As these objects get passed from one to another, in a cycle of gifting, they retain the spirit of the giver and propel themselves onto the next recipient, weaving a network of social bonds. In this light, mana describes the coming together of this mixtape. The exchanging of avant-garde, traditional and electronic music--old and new--between Andrea Zarza, curator at the British Library Sound Archive, and Matthew Kent, founder of Blowing Up The Workshop, is what makes up the language and landscape of Mana the record label, and its subsequent arrival on a cassette tape for Queeste, before being sent onwards, as our gift to listeners. This tape is accompanied by a double-sided stencil printed poster (A2).

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