Various Artists - Welcome To Paradise (ADE)

Various Artists

Welcome To Paradise (ADE)

Safe Trip
VÖ Datum: 20.11.2018
Genre: House
Format: Maxi / EP
10,49 €
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Various Artists - Welcome To Paradise (ADE)


The Young Marco-helmed label is serving up a limited edition sampler boasting two seriously sought-after cuts. Neither appeared on any of the previous “Welcome To Paradise” compilations !
On side A you’ll find “Ray-Rracing Sauna” by Franco F, AKA Interactive Test label co-founder Franco Faisini. The track – a typically tactile, melodious and huggable affair rich in bounding Italo-house drums, life-affirming piano solos and evocative ambient chords – was initially tucked away on the B-side of the producer’s sole solo 12”, 1991’s “Simulation Lab”. Here, it is deservedly placed centre stage for the very first time.

Over on the flip, there’s a chance to savour the alternate “Ambient Mix” of Marika Lenny’s in-demand 1990 Italo-house anthem “Beat Summer”. Typical of many Italian “Ambient House” tracks of the period – think driving drums wrapped in breezy, celebratory and sun-kissed instrumentation more often found in period “chill-out” records – it’s a gloriously rushing fusion of rolling organ riffs, Nu Groove style synth solos and chords capable of awakening even the stoniest of hearts.

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