Various Artists - Connected Selected
Various Artists - Connected Selected (Back)

Various Artists

Connected Selected

VÖ Datum: 14.09.2018
Genre: Tech-House
Format: LP
20,99 €
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1. They Vibed (Olaf Stuut Remix)
2. Drained (Tim Engehlhardt Remix)
3. Entropy (Reboot's Entaclepuss Rework)
4. Jamieja (Stefano Ritteri Turkish Rave Remix)
5. Movement (Moscoman Remix Vinyl Edit)
6. Light @ (Original Mix)
7. Lust (David Mayer Remix)
Various Artists - Connected Selected


As connected arrives at its 3rd year of existence the team decided to make a selection of tunes through this time as a recap and as an opportunity to also turn some of the tunes into remixes.? The remixes , including Olaf Stuut , Tim Engelhardt , Stefano Ritteri , Reboot and Moscoman will be released on vinyl alongside a brand new track from label heads Stereo Mc’s and the first appearance on Vinyl of classic connected release ‘Lust’ by Tigerskin K.E.E.N.E and Elli (David Mayer Remix). The label has been building steam over the last few years with increasing vigour and the remix release follows the label ethic with a diverse and underground feel to it plus some strong club action. Included in the past releases is David Mayer , Re.You, Nandu , Florian Busse ,Aaaron ,Floyd Lavine ,Pôngo amongst others.

connected selected

1. Re.You – They Vibed feat. Lazarusman (Olaf Stuut Remix) Amsterdam native Olaf Stuut delivers a stripped down remix, that comes as a real musical journey. The track is mainly driven by a repetitive 808 drum beat, housed in an arrangement that is packed with sound design and work on the detail. With his latest releases Olaf has been exploring the borders between experimentation and club functionality, and so he's doing here. The original track is cleary recognisable by the distinctive voice of The Lazarusman, but Olaf creates a reinterpretation that is very pure, minimal and unique.

2. David Mayer – Drained feat.Sooma (Tim Engelhardt Remix) Tim Engelhardt's remix of David Mayer 2017 banger 'Drained' featuring vocalist Sooma goes straight to the dancefloor. The driving bassline and organic percussion create a strong foundation for the club. Giving a lot of room to Sooma's voice over the whole track and adding an atmospheric strings arrangement in the break, Tim manages to combine his musicality with pure club joy.

3. Aaaron , Hazel and Carolina Melean – Entropy (Reboots Entaclepuss Rework) Frank Heinrich aka Reboot delivers a remix in typi

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