Various Artists - Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 14 (4LP)
Various Artists - Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 14 (4LP) (Back)

Various Artists

Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 14 (4LP)

VÖ Datum: 07.09.2018
Genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
24,99 €
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1. Basil Hardhaus - Breezin
2. Jtc - Gallup
3. The Abstract Eye - I Feel It In My Forehead
4. Jex Opolis - Mt. Belzoni
5. Tee Mango - Into The Wild
6. Claude Rodap - Hiwa
7. Jose Padilla - Lollipop (I:cube Casiotone Reprise Mix)
8. Herzel - Devoid * (Exclusive)
9. David Goldberg - Part Bells (Benjamin Fröhlich Remix) *(Exclusive)
10. Marvin Horsch - Pace
11. Matt O'brien - Flourish
12. Aubrey - Dot 3 (Russ Gabriel Remix)
13. Marcellus Pittman - A Mix
14. Move D - Beyond The Machine
15. Pierre Bastien - Snide Dins
16. Vanishing Twin - Under The Water
17. Yussef Kamaal - Ayla
18. Roman Flügel - Song With Blue
19. Luke Abbott - Dumb
20. Machine Woman - I Can Mend Your Broken Heart (Kassem Mosse
21. New Jackson - Let The Freak Come Out At Night
22. Albinos - Palazzo
23. The Stowaway - A Suspicious Passenger
24. Isolée - In Our Country
25. Tb - Unskinny Dub * (Exclusive)
26. Slowdive - Sugar For The Pill (Avalon Emerson's Gilded Escalation)
27. Cobblestone Jazz - Midnight Sun
28. Sirconical - Jambon Mama
Various Artists - Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 14 (4LP)


FUTURE SOUNDS OF JAZZ VOL. 14 - Compiled by Permanent Vacation Benjamin Fröhlich & Tom Bioly!

28 Tracks by Move D, Roman Flügel, Slowdive, Isolée, Cobblestone Jazz, Luke Abbott, remixes by Avalon Emerson, Russ Gabriel, Kassem Mosse, I:Cube a.m.o. including 3 EXCLUSIVE AND PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

Wow, a new chapter of this legendary series. This and the very first time it’s not compiled by Michael Reinboth, rather by Benjamin Fröhlich and Tom Bioly, the founders and masterminds behind Permanent Vacation.

Why? Simply because they both are very close friends of the Compost famlee, with an amazing musical and DJ-like tastefulness, with the knowledge-based trust of music in the vein of vibrant, jazzy electronica hybrids. And they are from Compost Records’ hometown Munich, too.

Maybe Volume 14 differs slightly to what the previous 13 brought up music-wise, but that’s the score, idea and open mindedness of this series, as it was by the compilers, and last but not least a great time for a change, too. So we welcome this, we very much appreciate and like their selection. We are sure, this will convince you.

28 tracks, 3 exclusive tracks. Enjoy!

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