Autarkic - Heavy Dreamer (White Vinyl)


Heavy Dreamer (White Vinyl)

Life And Death
VÖ Datum: 06.08.2018
Genre: House
Format: Maxi / EP
9,65 €
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Autarkic - Heavy Dreamer (White Vinyl)


Autarkic makes up part of an unspoken alliance from TelAviv, which is currently altering the state of contemporary house and techno music. Heavy Dreamer, the artist's first, four track outing on Life and Death, showcases much of what this bold movement is about, all while pushing it forward into progress.

Ever present tones of kraut and punk rock flow throughout the EP, beginning with Some Things To Keep, a pumping, warehouse floor filler. Autarkic steps up to the mic, often re-amping and distorting his vocal delivery, placing it alongside finely programmed keyboard riffs, tough drums and further psychedelia. Realistic Guru, the trippiest of the lot, is tailor made for an early morning DJ Tennis afterparty excursion.

Slowing down the pace on Powerhouse, Autarkic hints at moments of Bauhaus' and Tones on Tail's doom and dance pop, while offering up a digital only, stripped down, bonus version. The title track stands as a testament to this new wave of artists, coming from the shores of Israel's Mediterranean coastline. Bass, drums and guitar are recorded through bespoke boxes and presented through the lens of modernist club culture. Life and Death 37 marks a moment in time

A1 A1 Some Things To Keep

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