Andre Solomko - Le Deltaplane
Andre Solomko - Le Deltaplane (Back)

Andre Solomko

Le Deltaplane

Favorite Records
VÖ Datum: 25.05.2018
Genre: Soul
Format: LP
21,99 €
1. Le Deltaplane
2. Moonbeach Disco
3. Paraphraser (Le Deltaplane)
4. Aquaplane
5. Summer 79
6. Le Deltaplane (Instrumental Version)
Andre Solomko - Le Deltaplane


Discover Le Deltaplane, fifth album by Andre Solomko, and third produced on Favorite Recordings, pursuing a collaboration that started more than 5 years ago.

Born in Ukraine in 1965 and now based in Finland, Andre Solomko is primarily a rich and engaging personality, but above all, a brilliant saxophonist, composer and engineer, whose contagious passion cannot leave anyone indifferent. After beginning a meteoric career in USSR, fate led him to Finland, where he started the adventure Vinyl Jam, a label / studio / group. It resulted in two self-produced albums that will capture the attention of some international collectors, including Pascal Rioux (founder of Favorite Recordings). Between 2012 and 2014, they released 2 albums together, Où es-tu maintenant and Le Polaroid, hailed by many tastemakers and meeting notable success in Japan.

Following Le Premier Disco Sans Toi, an acclaimed single released earlier this year and unveiling two new compositions with Disco flavors, Andre Solomko and Favorite Recordings also proudly present Le Deltaplane. Fully composed and arranged by Andre Solomko, the 6 tracks of the album are deeply infused with his longtime passion for Jazz-Funk and Movie-Soundtracks, this time also injecting more influences from WestCoast and Modern-Soul music.

Andre's backed again by a team of great musicians, recording and producing the album in analog like he always did. As for vocals and lyrics, he teams up with Charlotta Kerbs, a young emerging and talented singer from Helsinki.

Andre Solomko, an artist who spreads love like in the good old days!

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