Satari / Nicky Featuring Satari - Smile / Nobody To Love
Satari / Nicky Featuring Satari - Smile / Nobody To Love (Back)

Satari / Nicky Featuring Satari

Smile / Nobody To Love

La Casa Tropical
VÖ Datum: 06.04.2018
Genre: Soul
Format: LP
13,45 €
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1. Smile
2. Nobody To Love
Satari / Nicky Featuring Satari - Smile / Nobody To Love


First release of label La Casa Tropical, two South African nuggets.. Especially ''Smile'' is a sought after tune by Satari.. The flip is wicked too... Tip!
Synth heavy South African Disco Boogie from the Mid 80s. First issued near the end of the synth-pop era that gave boom to the local record industry, this release takes the B-sides off the mysterious group's first 2 singles recorded at Johannesburg's legendary Satbel and Ovation Studio. Combining live instruments and an embrace of the electronic gear that was already standard in all studios city wide, the newly formed supergroup was able to create a unique sound at a time the word 'Disco' was starting to be associated with a different emerging movement.

Initially a side project for the group Image (later changing their name to Ymage to avoid confusion after some success in Europe), the new outfit re-enlisted the help of their original producer and long time friend Sidwell Duda, followed with the addition of novice artist and songwriter Bibi Msomi . Their first release was a new take on a song they had recorded for their hit EP which became their first record to see a run outside their home country. Snuck on the B side was a steady 4/4 beat with fat bass synth and the quick funky keyboard licks Don Laka was known for.

After an unsuccessful debut the newly formed group hoped to draw attention with a single front man. For their second release they used a tactic common amongst producers 10 years prior during the reign of the 7' single. Bringing two of his own compositions to the session, but unable to lead the group himself, Bibi's independence and unique voice led to the creation of the ultra suave, party playboy known as Nicky Love.

Although neither single saw any real success and failed to make it past an initial run of 500 copies, the now backing group known as Satari managed to produce a few more titles into the fast changing market that left their sound behind.

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