TRP - Things Won't Change
TRP - Things Won't Change (Back)


Things Won't Change

Lobster Theremin
VÖ Datum: 25.04.2018
Genre: Techno
Format: Maxi / EP
11,39 €
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1. Things Won't Change
2. Conscientious
3. Efx Pt1
4. Efx Pt2
TRP - Things Won't Change


Lobster mainstay and German purveyor of the deep raw, TRP aka David Willenberger, returns to Lobster Theremin for a full-on outing of crunchy, melodic, acid-tinged house, techno & electro.

With recent EP's for Mörk and Shall Not Fade, the young producer comes full circle with a cement-mixed, drum-heavy sound that melds an even weightier production aesthetic to a spectral of tonal distortion usages.

Title track Thing Won't Change opens with a dusty ambient intro. Soothing-yet-ghostly hollowed out tones echo into the distance as a thumping, rumbling electro drum pattern erupts forth. GAS-esque haunting timbres richochet'd by splintered 909 drum work.

Conscientious takes showcases a very local signature deep, rolling house-techno sound. Landing somewhere between the skippy minimalism of Dial and Smallville whilst chanelling that signature TRP skip & dance. A playful jaunt that recalls his more aquatic work on the earlier Mörk EP.

Flipping over we get a two part romp through EFX, a scorched two-track journey into the stomping, club-leaning pallet of Willenberger. Part I is jump-up house driven hard through the tube circuit. Pumpin' kicks & sliced off hats puckering a groove-soaked bass-line, icy stabs and a vocal hit of "Sayyyyy". Proper peak time wonderment.

Part II ups the skip, dashes in some ominous 80's TV sampling and ups the lucidity of the synths. Real heady stuff snatched from a heartily-stocked medicine cabinet. Outer-realms dance injection & early morning revitalisation.

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